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Privacy Policy

My privacy policy aims to minimize data collection and use of cookies while allowing some basic local analytics to be run in order to gauge interest in different parts of the site and assess the effectiveness of marketing.

I use neither third-party tracking cookies nor local cookies that identify a single user. The cookies the website uses are described below:

  • Return visit: provides the year and month of the last visit so that I can identify the monthly number of new users as well as gauge how many people return to the site and at what intervals. A monthly analysis is sufficient for my purposes.

  • License: if you obtain a license for content made available through this website, you will get a license key that will be stored in your browser to authenticate access. License keys are not unique to each user and so cannot be used to track individual user behavior.

Why do I not use tracking cookies? I believe that we should be able to browse the web and even use systems without leaving data traces everywhere. It is only consequent that I reduce the use of cookies on my website to a minimum and avoid using tracking cookies.

In addition to the use of cookies, this website stores data in your web browser using the local storage mechanism. The data stored will not be sent back to the server as it exists entirely for the benefit of the user.

The website is hosted on a dedicated server on Amazon's AWS cloud. It does not include content from other sites. All the required content is hosted on itself, including all code and any fonts, icons and images used.

The server that hosts the website keeps an access log that includes the IP address. These log files are used to create statistics about website access patterns but IP addresses are resolved only to country of origin and not to any more specific location. Access logs are automatically deleted after 40 days.